Welcome to the wild revival!





No matter what season of life you’re in- you can celebrate it right where you are- in all its fullness and messiness. We know how busy you are — because we’re busy, too. But we hope to inspire you to take time to dig into the things that bring you joy.
A common topic of conversation between us was often our desire to bring together women who are passionate about the same things as we are. A place + time where we could come together, creatively, and share our love of art, food, and fashion. A place where we could make new friendships, or deepen old ones.
So THAT is how The Wild Revival came to life.Our desire to create a community of women doin’ their thing AND supporting one another while doing it
has led us here. We hope you will connect and engage with our soul-filled community and attend our upcoming gatherings.

-Marrissa + Amanda


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