Herb Garden

So, I would love to have a garden. The really nice kind of garden! One with raised boxes and a cute wire fence that welcomes you with a white, wooden swinging gate on the front. Maybe even a few flower boxes along the top. But in reality, I can barely remember to water the four ferns hanging on our front deck. In an effort to not neglect my green thumb, I bought three terracotta pots + some herbs and got to work.

I had ambitions of DYI-ing the heck out of those cute little pots, but never got around to it. Are you noticing a theme here? How does the saying go? …”done is better than perfect”… we’ll go with that 🙂

I set my mint, cilantro and rosemary out along with some potting soil, and my little helper and I got to work.

It was an easy project once I stopped finally trying to over do it. It was nice to be outside while Evan was working in the yard and to share in this activity with Owen.

Are there things you have been dreaming about doing, but complicate it by wanting to make it big and exciting? I can tell you there are joys to be found in the simple and sweet.

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