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Rest can be so foreign to me at times. In a season of keeping up, I always feel like falling down. 
As I’m rushing around, quickly going from one responsibility to the next, I can hear the voice in my head saying, “you need to take some time for yourself!” But I jump up, and try to do it all and be all to anyone who asks. I inevitably end up breaking, snapping at loved ones, giving half of myself to everything; doing nothing well and having a deep desire to abandon everything I said yes to.

I have learned that after a few weeks, I’m left feeling like I’m missing something.  I will once again start filling my life with people + commitments, all leading down the same path, and ending at a dead-end filled with defeat. The first step to change is accepting who you are, right?  Not until I took on this exciting adventure of co-founding The Wild Revival, did I realize my new pattern, inevitably fueled by motherhood, of over-extendingmyself, stopping and then over-extending again.

The thing is, though,partnerships and building something are big, life-giving interests of mine. I’m
not myself when I ignore the desire to be creative and challenged. So right now, I’m in thick of learning about how rest is a key to success, both in my personal and professional life.

This month, Marrissa and I will be sharing why resting is part of the doing, and how
we are learning to weave different forms of rest into our day-to-day lives in little & big ways. Coming off of a whirlwind launch + hosting 3 gatherings in 8 weeks, there was no better time than now for us to focus on this topic. 
You don’t have to do it all, or be all. But… we get it. Our hope is that we are able to encourage you throughout the month in a realistic way, by sharing little tips with you.

Are there things you do because you have to, but you don’t necessarily do them well,
maybe because of the time crunch or the obligation? There are lots of things on our list like that. Things that ultimately leave us asking ourselves,
God, what do you want me to occupy my time with?  I think it’s about less frantic, more rested, less hustling, less worried, more mundane, unplanned…slower. This series is about relearning what rest means to us, not just making adjustments to your busy schedule.
But don’t worry– we’re not going to tell you that you have a take a nap everyday (unless
you want to!), or that you can’t do fun things on a regular basis. But we are going to stress the importance of self-care, rest, and making time to do things you enjoy. We’re going to focus on what rest REALLY means to us, and some things we do (and don’t do) in order to feel revived, refreshed, and whole.

We know grateful November is a real thing and we are ALL about being thankful… but we want to keep it real with you: the holidays are seriously exhausting. So this year, we want November to be a time when we are only saying yes to what matters most, so that we can dive into the Christmas season feeling refreshed and eager. This month will be slow and intentional as we prepare our minds, hearts, and bodies for the upcoming holiday season. We hope you’ll join us!


2 thoughts on “Restful November | Be Still

  1. I really love this sentiment, because I feel like technology has played a huge role in all of us moving a million miles a minute with our lives. We constantly check our feeds, check our calendars, multitasking everything! I read this awesome book called "The Art of Stillness" last year and it really had some eye opening tidbits in it. Anyway, I love what you girls are doing here!

  2. Bailee- we couldn't agree more! Starting the blog has taken our screen time to the next level. Something we've got to work on, for sure. We will be checking out your book recommendation. Thanks for the love!

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