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Contributor Dana Matonak

Hi, everyone! My name is Dana Matonak and I’m so excited to be guest posting on The Wild Revival this month! My husband and I, and our son Rowan, currently live in Morgantown, West Virginia. We are from the Pittsburgh area and are here for my hilarious and hard-working husband’s residency program.  We moved here in 2012, after we got married. Like RIGHT after! We flew home from our honeymoon and drove straight here at 2AM.

So fast forward two years full of highs and lows. And in July of 2014, we added our sweet boy, Rowan to the family.  He is an extremely active, sweet-spirited boy and I feel blessed to be able to stay home with him. Prior to having him, I was a teacher. But after deciding that my heart was all in to staying home with Rowan, we quickly realized we would need another source of income… and that is when my Etsy shop, My Paper Nest, was born.  It began as a paper banner-making business for people’s events and parties, but then after I made a bunch of wood signs for my home and as gifts, it gradually morphed into a sign business, with some banners on the side!

To really give you the fast track version of getting to know me, I thought I would share some random facts about myself.  I’m long winded, I know, but God has gifted me with A LOT of words. (ANDDD also with a husband that hates words, so most of mine come pouring out in spaces like this! HA!)

Contributor Dana Matonak

1.) Making dinner is my nemesis. It pains me each day to come up with what we will eat.

2.) I hate wearing make up and getting ready. I love workout clothes, hair up, and a clean face.

3.) I’m a lover of all things ice cream. Hot fudge milkshakes, sea salt caramel gelato, and moose tracks make the top of the list.

4.) I’ve never really lived in a house that was my own.  I’ve lived in apartments, trailers, townhouses, and for a short span, I lived in a someone else’s house. I’ve never been able to paint, DIY, or “fix up” any sort of space.  The day I get my hands on a house that’s all our own, Josh better watch out!!

5.) I feel torn at times between using no social media at all and then on the other hand, trying to use every outlet that’s available.

6.) I used to be a “save all the things” type person and could never bare to get rid of anything. I’m recently crossed over to “get rid of all the things!” I love decor and sentimental things BUT I love less. Simple and organized.  Everything needs a spot and if you don’t use it, IT GOES!

7.) I love hosting, hospitality, and DECORATING!!  I love making a place for people to come and feel comfortable in my home.  You can read about that HERE in a recent post of mine.  That’s another reason I can’t wait to have a house someday.  I can’t wait to serve people and invite people over to be loved on.  Now I just need that chef so that none of our guests starve or get sick! 😉

8.) There are so many things that set my soul on fire (you can read about them HERE!) that sometimes I get overwhelmed about where to start and how to make a difference in anything.

9.) I have secret plans to write a book someday but I have no idea about what, or how, or when.  I make a joke of it when I talk about it, but it’s a for real thought in my mind.

10.) I love hand-lettering and hand-painting signs for people’s homes but a long term dream of mine is to create a series of journals for kids, and women young and old, to help them through seasons of life.

With all this said, my heart is helping young girls and women find their way through trials and the ever-changing seasons of life. 

Contributor Dana Matonak

I’m only 28, and sometimes that seems so old to me, but then I realize that I’ve just now, finally figured out who I am, what I’m passionate about, and where my value derives from.  I know God has given us all a story to share. He shows grace upon grace to our brokenness. I’m so thankful for all of the fresh starts he has given me. I don’t always handle changing seasons with grace but I am working harder and harder on it and realizing that it will never be done on my own. I can use what I learn along the way for good to make an impact on those around me.  Check out more about my 2016 mantra about grace and how the ladies from The Wild Revival made a huge impact on the way I approached this new year!

In the coming weeks, I will be sharing how I continue to find grace in a season of change. I hope it will encourage you to know all seasons are worthwhile and The Lord’s grace is sufficient.  Please join me in the comments and on social media along the way! 

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