My Funny Valentines


I was a working mom for 5 years,  traveling often left me distracted from the details of motherhood.  This is the first year I’ve had the mental clarity + time to really do something special for the holidays. Christmas is a given, I always jumped all in for that one, but the others fell by the wayside. We are coming up on Valentines Day and I felt like it was time to take full advantage of the fact that I’m home full time. “Homemade” Valentines +  decorations made me feel like I’ve hit a momentary stride in this new role.


In years past I wouldn’t decorate, do anything homemade or get ahead of the classroom Valentines Day party. True story, one year I forgot to get a Valentines Day box for my sons preschool celebration.  I did what any good mother would do, I went to Target, bought a piñata and called it a day.  It was a win in my book! It looked just as good as all the over the top homemade valentines day boxes.



When The Ever Co. announced they had customs valentines, I had to jump on it! My guy will have unique cards with witty + fun sayings and I get to feel like I did something extra special. This is the last week to order their Valentines for just $2.99! You get all 8 designs for boys and girls.


valentinesdayprintablesIt’s super simple. After making your purchase you will receive the files for download, next you just need to print on cardstock at home or at an office store! Super simple + cheap. The best part is they count as homemade!valentinesdayprintables



I sent mine to staples and picked them up an hour later. We came home and put his friend’s names on them, I felt so ahead of the game this year.



Good thing, shortly after printing them the stomach bug hit and we haven’t had time for much of anything. Can winter be over yet, gosh! Anywho, go check them out! Make sure to tag @theeverco and @thewildrevival on Instagram, sharing how you made Valentines Day extra special this year.

Valentine’s Day is on it’s way!


We have to say we are so happy to be waving goodbye to January and see Valentine’s Day around the corner. January is the in-between month: the post-Christmas lull and cold temps don’t leave us excited to get moving for the day! 😉

 Valentines Day Kids Decor

To help us feel the love that is February, we are sharing a sneak-peek at some of the elements we are looking forward to using for our upcoming photo-shoot with the girls. Give us all the hearts, pinks, tutus & reds with a bit of sparkle.

There is something about having a daughter that makes me a little more apt to decorate for all the seasons. Marrissa has always been festive and I’m excited to join her in decorating our home this Valentine’s Day.



The best part is you don’t have to break the bank to bring a little holiday vibe to your mantle, kids’ room or your dinner table. A simple trip to the dollar spot at the Target will do the trick.  It can be overwhelming to see all these perfectly-styled homes. So keep it low pressure & fun! We don’t do these things for show; we do them to build memories for our children.

If the flowers are from the dollar spot or you cut hearts out of construction paper, it won’t matter. What matters is that you’re making memories.

I love that Marrissa rotates books on her shelves to match the season. (Would you believe the shelves are just Ikea spice racks painted white?! Thanks, Pinterest!) I just have all of our books in a book box– pulling out what we need when we need it. Leaving them out and coordinating with the holiday helps add a whimsical touch of the season to the room with little to no added expense.

What are some ways you incorporate the holidays into your everyday decor? Do you like to celebrate every holiday or stick to the majors? We would love to hear from you in the comments!

Check back soon for the cutest Valentine’s Day photos you’ve ever seen!


Gender Reveal Fiesta!

A couple of months ago when I started thinking about what to do our gender reveal, I knew almost immediately that I wanted to do something a little different. I knew it would be late June when we found out the gender at our mid-pregnancy anatomy scan, so I wanted it to be bright, fun, + summery!

So, I got to Pinterest-ing at some ideas I had saved of fiesta themed birthday parties and I thought “WHY can’t we do this for our gender reveal?!”  It wasn’t overly baby-fied, it was a summer theme, and it encompassed my now 21-week-craving for all things Mexican food. Give me some chips and salsa and/or a taco and I’m good to go! 😉

While my husband and I were looking at invitations, I randomly blurted out “LET’S TACO BOUT THE SEX!” and that ended up being the tagline for our gender reveal. Our guests got a good laugh out of that!

So fast-forward a few weeks of planning, DIYing, and daydreaming about our baby’s gender…. we found out last week what we were having and decided to keep it a BIG secret until our gender reveal. We told NO ONE! It was kind of nice and special to be the only ones who knew for the 4 days leading up to the party! But our families were for sure on pins & needles all week and trying to bribe us to tell them, but we didn’t cave!

We held our gender reveal fiesta this past weekend, and had about 30ish of our closest family + friends there. It meant so much to us to have everyone there to celebrate with us.

Now for the good stuff… THE PHOTOS! Amanda took these for me and I’m so glad she was able to capture these moments for us.

Gender Reveal

Gender Reveal

Our taco bar was the stuff (my) dreams are made of… We had all the toppings you’d need for a good taco… complete with chips & salsa from a local Mexican restaurant!

Gender Reveal


My Mom was a baker in her former life and is so talented. I enlisted her to make cactus cupcakes because I knew our fiesta would be incomplete without them. How cute are they?! And the best part is the flavor of the cupcakes was CHURRO… be still my heart!



And now for the big reveal… IT’S A GIRL!!!!!!!!! I’m still in disbelief. Seeing our baby last week and hearing that she’s growing perfectly and right on schedule was the most exciting part… the gender is just the cherry on the sundae, so to speak. We are so excited to meet our girl in November.

We made our piñata using this tutorial from DIY Network. My mom and dad cut it out of cardboard, and with the help of my mom and mammaw, we covered it with fringed crepe paper… and THEN Matt & I stuffed it with pink confetti and tissue paper. It was quite the project, but a total necessity for our fiesta!


I love this photo! Amanda on the left, me, and then my 3 oldest friends (like going on 20 years of friendship with those 3). I can’t wait to see my friends with my baby. It will be such a “full circle” moment for me.



We had a great time. I’m almost positive that confetti makes everything better, don’t you agree?!

Announcing Flower Crown Gathering

Our 2nd annual flower crown gathering is right around the corner! This event is close to our hearts; last year was our very first time hosting ladies in the setting we had been dreaming up for years. It was an amazing night of community, we sat outside well into the night sharing life stories + building relationships with new and old friends. We are so excited to gather around our white tables once again. The photo opportunities are so fun! Come out in your best boho looks and join us for a night under the summer sky!

This year’s flower crown gathering will be a celebration of finishing our first year as The Wild Revival. To see photos from our flower crown gathering last year, click here!

Cost for this event will be $45 to cover your flower crown supplies, food + drink, and entertainment. If you register before July 1st, you will received a discounted price of $40. It’s really important you register early! We DIY everything about this event and need time to prepare.

We encourage you to invite your friends and register early! We will be closing registration on July 29th to ensure we have all supplies needed for the gathering. We can promise you that this is one gathering you won’t want to miss!

Calling all creatives– would you like to collaborate with us for the gathering? Reach out to us; we would love to work with you!

To register for the flower crown gathering, please click here.

We will be doing our best to bring you simple evening with friends in a styled + fun environment! Bring your girlfriends & join the tribe. We would love to have you!

Gender Reveal Party Inspiration

I cannot believe that I am almost halfway through my pregnancy! It is absolutely flying by…and soon it will be time for our mid-pregnancy ultrasound and that means finding out if this little babe is a boy or girl?! My husband and I both think we’re having a boy, but we will be THRILLED and PUMPED with either! It took us 3 years and many, many fertility treatments to conceive, so we don’t have a preference on the sex at all! I always said I would do a gender reveal, and while it is turning into a production (like all parties inevitably do), I couldn’t be more excited to celebrate this new life with our loved ones. Matt and I are going to find out at our ultrasound appointment in a couple weeks, and then have it be a huge surprise for the friends and family who attend the big reveal a few days later. I honestly can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction! But right now, I’m just hoping I don’t spill the beans beforehand! 😉

I’ve been scouring Pinterest for ideas for our gender reveal party and let me tell ya… there are some super CUTE and fun ideas! I’m pretty decisive by nature, so choosing a theme that felt like “us” wasn’t too hard. I can’t help but be inspired by all this DIY décor and festive food! Planning parties is my jam and I can’t wait for all the fun that’s to come!

There are such adorable themes out there like: “Touchdowns or Tutus” … “Guns or Glitter” … “Bow or Beau” and so many cool ways to actually announce it — like cutting a cake, or letting balloons out of a big box.


I love their reactions! So sweet! It amazes me that whatever gender this baby is, will greatly alter how our lives will play out. I will either be a boy mom or a girl mom. I can’t wait to see who was made for us to love.


Great, now I want this cake… Thanks a lot, Style Me Pretty! I love a good ombre cake. They look too pretty to even eat, but I can assure you, this would be gone in seconds…

And while I think these ideas are so fun, I wanted to do a theme that I have not yet seen done for a gender reveal. I’m sure someone somewhere has maybe done it, but it’s new to us and because of that, I’m going to keep you waiting a couple weeks to see what I came up with. I can tell you that it won’t be your traditional gender reveal party and it *might* make you wanna dance!

How did you reveal your pregnancy to your friends & fam? Did you go Pinterest-crazy like me when it came to planning out the details? I would love to hear all about it in the comments below!


Exploring The City

A few months ago, Evan, Owen and I set out to explore the city of Charleston, SC. We packed up and hit the road for our first family road trip. We’ve taken family trips since having Owen, but I always opted for flying vs driving.  An 8 hour plus car ride with a small child intimidated me, what can I say…

It took a lot of mulling over, but I finally committed and we hit the road for Charleston, SC.  We surprisingly made it meltdown free and all in one piece.

I would say a lot of my motherhood experience has been much like standing on the edge of a pool contemplating jumping in. It’s always much worse in our minds than it is in real life. Looking back, I’m beyond happy I took that jump. We had a wonderful time and made so many great memories with out little guy. I feel a bit sad thinking about all the short weekend trips we’ve missed out on due to fear of a challenging child and difficulty.

If you haven’t read my Wild and Free Weekend recap a few weeks back, I shared how I met up with my friend Brittany (Brittany Anderson Photography) while in Charleston.  Being a young parent can be a bit lonely, especially if you’re the first in your circle of friends to jump down the parenthood rabbit hole, so being able to share this experience with Brittany and her family made the trip extra fun. Exploring the city with another couple who understands the adventures of toddlerhood made me feel at ease.

Date night style
Date Night Style

It was a busy weekend with me attending Wild and Free events and Brittany shooting an engagement session.  Because we didn’t have a lot of free time, we woke up at 4am the day we left for home to explore downtown Charleston before the streets were filled with people.

The city is truly one of the most beautiful I’ve visited. The energy of old southern tradition with a modern edge creates the perfect atmosphere. We ventured off the typical tourist path and explored cobblestone streets, old homes and business. One moment that stood out most was discovering a local school, housed in an old monastery tucked in between old french quarter homes and winding roads along the ocean. I was to struck by the beauty of the set up and the friendliness of the administration.

Brittany and I stood and watched as parents pulled up, the principle opening the car door welcoming each child by name. It was something special! I’d be lying if I didn’t admit, right then I could have packed my bags and moved.
Be Still Clothing
Be Still Clothing
Be Still Clothing

While we were exploring Brittany and I took photos of the old homes and parks. She was so kind to snap a few of photos of me for the blog. I tried my best to make the most of the opportunity, wearing what seems like two outfits and not be completely awkward the whole time.

My Be Still Clothing t-shirt is something I wear daily along with my target white shoes and back pack. It’s pretty much my go to momma combo.  The second look is a great date night or girls dinner look. The dress was a score from Marshalls and the shoes were all Brittany. I’m a fairly tall girl and often feel like Olive Oil, off of Popeye in tall heels, but she insisted and shared how much she adores them. I guess if you’re going to dress up you might as well go all out, right!

What are your favorite mom looks and simple date night combos? I’d love to hear in the comments or on Instagram! Be sure to stop by Brittany’s page, and show her some love!
Be Still Clothing

Be Still Clothing

Memorial Day Looks

Summer Fashion

Who doesn’t love getting dressed up and taking photos? I know two people who do– Amanda and I. Memorial Day was the perfect time to break out a cute summer look! This was the first time we have taken official blog photos in a while. We didn’t make a big fuss about it, no outfit planning or poses this time around. Sidenote: growing a human is seriously exhausting but I am loving every second of it! 🙂

Memorial Day Fashion Memorial Day Fashion Memorial Day Fashion

t’s so humbling to know that the reason we are able to enjoy the freedoms we do is because of all of the brave men + women so selflessly give their lives for us.

Memorial Day Fashion

Summer Fashion
Summer Fashion

Memorial Day for us was relaxing and full of the good stuff. After raining nearly the ENTIRE month of May (no joke), it was refreshing to see sunshine and blue skies… and the 80+ degree temps weren’t bad either! Amanda got her dress off the sale rack at Old Navy. My pants are from Motherhood Maternity, they also are on sale. If I could get these pants in every color I would! They are so comfortable. It’s going to be interesting to watch my style evolve as this belly grows. Summer fashion  with a bump, is so cute!

Summer Fashion
Summer Flowers
Memorial Day Fashion

After we ate all of the typical, yummy cookout foods, Amanda handed my husband, Matt, her camera and we chased this gorgeous evening light all over the place. Matt and Evan will stand in as our photographers when we want to be in photos together. It’s been so funny to watch the our husbands grow to enjoy blog “work” as much as we do. Honestly, we’re both very lucky to have such supportive men in our lives!

Southern Style Home
Summer Fashion

It felt like we were straight out of an issue of Southern Living Magazine… I mean, we basically pretended like we were in the magazine while taking these photos. The patriotic colors, the scenery, the swing– it just made us feel like we were deep in the heart of the south, and I can’t say I’d mind that at all!

Summer Fashion


How to Make Your Home a Haven

What makes your home a haven? What makes it cozy, relaxed, or enjoyable to come home to? In a Pinterest-perfect world, you come home to a clean house, with little to no chores needing done or errands that need run, and your fridge is fully-stocked with exactly what you need to make your family a delicious + healthy meal? EH. Wrong answer, at least in my house. Ever since finding out that I’m pregnant, I have been struggling to keep up with my to-do-list, and the short list of things that actually do get accomplished, I can usually thank my husband for helping out with. I just don’t have the energy I did, and I am going to bed earlier, making the amount of time to get things done in the evenings shorter.

A “haven” can mean different things to different people. To me, it’s the overall vibe in the household. Is it peaceful? Is it happy? It is relaxing? Is it chaotic?

I’m learning that things that aren’t all that important can wait and that some things still have to get done in order to make my home run smoother. And there are some things I like to do to make my home feel more inviting and “homey.”

 Around the house, I like to keep it festive + fresh! You guys, when I have my house decorated for the seasons or a holiday, I feel like I’ve got my stuff 100% together. I’ll admit: I’m pretty festive! I love to decorate, celebrate, and plan parties. My husband recently re-did our old, red brick fireplace/mantle with stone, tile, and barnwood. I’ve had so much fun learning how to decorate it. I also love to switch out decorative pillows & throws with the seasons… it gives a little ‘oomph’ when you walk in the door. He is always (and I mean ALWAYS) working on some kind of renovation project at our house, so I just work around it.

  I also never go grocery shopping without a list! 9 times out of 10, I’ve got a fairly well-planned out list in hand when I walk into the store. I’ve tried doing it the other way– just buying random ingredients and hoping for the best when it comes to meal time and it just does not work for me. I ended up never having what I needed and making an excessive amount of grocery store trips per week. So now, I pick out a few recipes online, and make my list based on that. I don’t always stick to it completely, but it at least gives me something to go off of. It also makes evenings go smoother  for me and leaves the question of “what’s for dinner?” already answered!

Little things like lighting candles, keeping up with laundry, framing some photos and hanging them, and buying fresh flowers can easily spruce things up, set the tone, or make me feel more refreshed!

At the end of a long work day, I just want to be home…  And while I do like a clean house, it really doesn’t matter if there are dishes from this morning in the sink. Life isn’t perfect and despite the to-do’s and chores, I’m just thankful to come to my husband every day, mess, projects, and all!

What do you do to make your own home more “homey?” Comment below! Amanda and I would love to hear it!

Styling a Gathering | Preparation is Key

Inspiration board summer gathering

Marrissa and I like to give our readers an idea of what to expect when they attend a Wild Revival Gathering. Hosting is fun, but can be a real downer if no one comes out for your event. Sharing our inspiration board with our potential guest helps build up excitement,  lets them know what to expect out of the evening and helps us prepare. It’s time well spent!

Our first gathering of the summer will be a simple evening of succulent planting with lemonade + cupcakes. We will gather around picnic tables by the lake, paint plant pots and fill them with our succulents. We will provide the potting soil, paints, brushes, snacks + drinks for the evening. We ask that guests bring their own succulents (you can buy them at Lowe’s or Home Depot)) along with small terracotta pots of your choice. This gathering is a way for us to get back around the table with you and we’re looking forward to it! If you would like to attend, please register here!

Inspiration board


Our inspiration for the night was boho summer. The evening is going full of boho touches, with bright colors and simple decor. Nothing over the top! We aim to keep the nights decor achievable, the goal is to provide the ladies who attend inspiration to hold their own gatherings. Marrissa and I both have busy lives with little time or money to invest in decor for every style gathering we host. We have a few staple pieces you will see us use at each gathering.

Gathering your friends and join us for a fun evening on May 21st! Follow this link to register. 

To see more of our gatherings and style visit our Pinterest Board.

It’s in the Details

Its in the details

When I’m uncomfortable I talk… too much.  Sharing personal life details with complete strangers in a desperate reach to fill that awkward silence.  There is nothing more tortuous than walking away from a conversation knowing I did it again. Being a good listener is on my 2016 goals list. It’s something that’s very important to me. I’m great with people I know; I can handle the silence, but a stranger’s silence leaves me feeling like I don’t know where they stand. So I fill it to the brim with noise, leaving my brain no time to wonder what they think.

I’m telling you all of this because I experienced a lot of it over the weekend. I went to the Wild and Free Launch weekend in Charleston, SC.  It was a wonderful and fun weekend, filled to the brim with activity and exploring the most beautiful city. My husband and son + Brittany and her family, from Brittany Anderson Photography joined me. I would leave the crew to attend book launch events solo. Let me tell you: walking into a room with 20+ ladies is nothing short of intimidating. But, this is my summer of YES! So to hell with the anxiety. I’ve been jumping in with both feet and have no intention of stopping.

I had an expectation for how the weekend would go and what my Wild and Free moment from the weekend would look like. In my experience, we have such high expectations for events like this. Let me tell you, it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be….

There was no pivotal conversation or great big moment full of life change. I made new acquaintances, but no life long connections at the events.  In fact, I’m sure at one point, I left a sweet girl from the area wanting to run, as I was once again filling the silence with too much one-sided conversion (( I give myself grace))

On the ride home, replaying the weekend, I found that though I didn’t have a big moment on the trip that Jesus’s hand was so overwhelming present, that it hit me in the face he was gracefully and softly there. “He is more in control than we could ever perceive, and he is wildly in love with you and concerned with the details of your life,” Wild and Free By Hayley Morgan and Jess Connolly.

He took this weekend and tore down walls of anxiety, provided amazing motherhood memories, built bridges in my marriage and graced me with the chance to build a friendship with a wonderful family from my hometown.

My Wild and Free moment happened on the drive home. It happened writing this post, realizing I can trust him with the details. I can trust that he is a Good Father and though my ideas of the details can be far different from what he allows to unfold, they are no less as great and magical as I imagined.


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