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Alright, I am going to start out brutal- but stick with me. Evaluate your current circle of friends. Do you feel genuinely loved? Supported? Do you feel like your friends are like-minded? Do you feel like they push you harder to obtain your goals? The moment I surrounded myself with like-minded friends, my world changed. For me, being a creative warrior who works a full-time career and owns a small business, finding friends who understood that Friday nights were late night blog writing, timeline creation and steaming linens for clients was difficult.  As awful as this may sound, surrounding yourself with people who are in line with your goals, your lifestyle and your career, will help you find common ground and support. Friendships are so much more than random texts and the occasional coffee date. Lasting friendships are genuine, loving, supportive and something worth celebrating.


Meeting new friends can seem difficult, scary and just sometimes impossible. Never be afraid to reach out to other like-minded individuals, people you admire or people you want to be friends with. You would be surprised how supportive people are when you just reach out. Also, never be afraid to talk to strangers- yeah, I know. The world has told you your whole life that talking to strangers is a bad thing. Don’t hang out with me if you don’t want to talk to strangers. I am wildly known for approaching anyone for just about anything. Ok, obviously use your best judgment, I am not asking you to walk up to danger- but you should know the different between someone you admire, someone who you love their style or someone with great hair vs. someone dangerous looking.


Listening is one of the most incredible qualities a human can have. People love to be heard, but in reality, we spend so much time wanting to just talk about ourselves. Take time to genuinely get to know people. Ask them small details about their life. Ask them how their day and week are going. Remember what they said to you, and always remember to follow up. If your friend mentions they are having a rough time, in a few days, don’t hesitate to reach out and check in.

Celebrating is so underrated. I believe in celebrating every aspect of life. Some of our favorite accomplishments are the littlest. Take the time to recognize these little victories in your friends. Did your friend recently get a new job? Finish a class they struggled with? Make an awesome root beer float? Get an award? Celebrate with them. Send them a card, take them balloons, invite them over. Celebrate things that are basically random. Celebrate the change in season, time change, their vacation- just sending them a reminder about how awesome it is going to impact their life. Little victories are still steps towards a greater goal, and deserve reward. Make it seem like a big deal, believe me, people are taken back by this, and love it. I know this all sounds crazy- and extreme, but I promise you, you will change the lives of your friends around you. When they flip through their mail, open their text, are embraced by a hug- their world will change a little bit for the better.


Always be available to help your friends. As humans, we struggle. Help can come in so many different forms. In my industry, sometimes help is just a cup of coffee while I am working on a wedding layout, sometimes help is setting floral at a wedding, sometimes help is just advice on which photo to post on Instagram. Take the time to serve your friends. Helping them grow can be such an empowering, incredible feeling. It is a selfless task that can change their life, show your support and remind them how proud of them you are.

The simplest things can go so far. Wishing each of your friends a happy day via text can change their entire morning. Reaching out to your friends throughout the day to let them know your thinking about them. Also, in your own busy life, schedule time for friends. Stop turning down breakfast dates, dinner and late nights under the stars. No matter how busy you are, focus time on the friendships, it is good for both your soul and theirs.


I know I am a little crazier than the rest of the world, but I take time to celebrate friendships and build relationships with my friends because at the end of the day, they are the ones who support me, love me, celebrate with me. They make me laugh, they build memories with me, they travel with me. They create with me. They help my career, the least I can do is remind them daily how much I love them, how proud I am, how happy I am to have them in my life.

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Abigail Wellinghurst

Collaboration | Callie Burgard: Kómma Designs

Kómma Designs

Hi! Happy Friday. I will be guest posting for The Wild Revival ladies next Wednesday, so I thought it would be fun to jump on and introduce myself. Some people call me crazy, but I prefer the term passionate. My name is Callie Burgard. I am a 24 year old, events and wedding stylist and coordinating warrior.  I currently reside in Reno, Nevada working as a full time People Person (Community Relations and Event Manager) for a Home Owners Association. I also am owner and creator of Kómma Designs, a wedding and event coordination and styling company.  I am lucky enough to have parents that have become my best friends. I am completely addicted to coffee, brunch and my cat, Winston. Don’t be shocked if you hear me singing completely off key to the wrong lyrics. I believe in supporting each other as humans; we are all in this together. I adore meeting new people, laughing and closet-eating cookies when I am “trying to lose weight”. Come visit next week for a look into why I feel building relationships are so important! You can follow my everyday @Callie.Kommadesigns on Instagram.

Design On A Budget | Home Tour by Ashley Friend

Hello! I’m Ashley Friend! I was SO excited and humbled when the lovely ladies of The Wild Revival asked me if I would write a guest post about design on a budget, along with a tour of my home! Buying a fixer upper has come with its fair share of difficulties, but I love being able to watch something that has been neglected for so long shine with new life!

I am going share 5 tips on how to design on a budget that have really helped me!

Home Tour Home Tour


Home Tour

#1: think creatively with what you have

It is amazing how much a coat of paint or a new location can give new life to an old piece. So just try it. if you are not happy with something try moving it to a different location. Turn it around, flip it upside down, just experiment! You may be surprise with that you discover!


Home Tour

#2: Thrift Thrift Thrift

Yard sales and thrift stores, even trading with friends have become my favorite ways to find new items. Have a list of what you’re looking for so you don’t just impulse buy, and realize that it may not be there that time but items are continually moving in and out of thrift stores so just keep checking in! Helpful hint: Mondays mornings/afternoons are usually a great time to thrift!

Home Tour

Home Tour

#3: Think BIG

 It is so easy to get distracted by all the tiny shiny items that glisten and glow in the isles of Target or Hobby lobby. But remember to think big with your purchases. Meaning, buy items that will make a statement, rather than just take up space. Wait and save up for more expensive items instead of buying that $5 knick knack that is “calling to you”

reading nook


Reading nook

#4: Find it a new home

Something that really helps with living and designing on a budget is selling items on places like Craigslist, local yard sales, even Facebook has yard sale sites where you can sell your items! So dig those items out of your “storage” closet and find them a new home! There is no better feeling then when someone take items out of your house that were just taking up space, and hands you cash!

little girls room



#5: Don’t compare

It is SO easy to get wrapped up in comparison especially the world of Social media. Things may not come together right away. And your Kitchen may still have painted laminate counters, with ugly yellow spots (me! haha) but remember what matters most in life. Try to create a safe, peaceful place for you and your family, whatever that may look like!

kids room


Rustic dresser

I hope you enjoyed this tour! Most of the furniture in my home is thrifted, from yard sales, or Ikea! Hobby Lobby, Target Clearance, and Michaels Craft Store are some of my favorite places to find great decor!

guest room
Guest room

Fixer upper Kitchen



If you’d like to see more details on our home projects and about our life, you can follow me on Instagram at alifewithfriends. Or check out my photography website… I hope to see you there! 🙂

Collaboration | Ashley Friend Photography

Ashley Friend

Hi! I’m Ashley Friend, a Wedding + Family photographer based in West Virginia. I’m thrilled to join the collaboration series here at The Wild Revival. My husband, Josh, and I have two little girls that bring so much fun and joy into our lives! It wasn’t until I became a mother that I truly began to understand God’s unconditional love for us!

Outside of photography, I have a heart for design. I believe in the beauty of simplicity, and that the soft glow of sunlight makes everything magical! Ever since I was young, I have had an interest in design! “What Not To Wear” and home makeover shows were always my favorites!

I recently started sharing my home design adventures on Instagram! It’s so much fun bringing an old piece of furniture back to life or creating something new out of it. I also love sharing my personal style, my family, my love for photography, + DIY projects in our fixer upper!

Be sure to check back next week! I’ll be sharing a peek inside our happy home and tips for refreshing your style on a budget.You can visit me here + follow my day to day adventures on Instagram @alifewithfriends!

Beauty Contributor | Allison Marie

Hi! My name is Allison. I am a
licensed aesthetician + makeup artist. My passion for makeup started with my
mom; she taught me the basics, but I didn’t always like it. I can remember her
putting winged eyeliner on me before a dance recital and I would wipe off the
corners before I went out on stage. It’s funny to me now because black winged
eyeliner has become my trademark. It is part of my daily makeup routine and now, I never leave home without it. My dad also influenced me by bringing me home
fashion and style magazine. I would try to recreate the makeup looks the
celebrities were wearing in the magazines, because there was a time before Pinterest,
Instagram, and beauty vloggers…surprising, I know!

I never would have dreamed that I would end up with a career in the beauty
industry. My background is in licensed practical nursing. I spent 6 years
working as a dermatology nurse. It gave me the knowledge and foundation I have
about skin care and various cosmetic procedures. It also gave me a love for
skin and beauty products. Before I knew it I was answering beauty questions and
giving makeup tips. Then, I started doing makeup on the side, which is what prompted
me to focus going more in that direction.
I really believe that things happen for a reason because one
evening, I saw an online ad for Morgantown Beauty College’s esthetics program.
I knew in that moment that was what I wanted to do. The very next day, I called
the school, took a tour, and enrolled. During my time at beauty college, my
focus was on facials, waxing, and makeup application. Aestheticians can also be
trained and certified in other areas such as permanent makeup, spray tanning,
chemical peels, laser, microdermabrasion, threading, eyelash/eyebrow
extensions, and eyebrow/eyelash tinting. There are lots of opportunities for
Now that I have graduated and officially became licensed, I
have landed my dream job as a Skin Therapist at Ulta Beauty. My goal in life is
to bring out the beauty in others. I love it when my clients leave feeling
happy and really good about themselves. You can truly change someone’s personality by
changing their look. The definition of cosmetics is ‘any product applied to the
body, especially the face, to improve its appearance.’  To me, makeup just enhances or builds upon the
beauty that’s already there. 
When I’m not doing facials or makeup applications – you can
find me hanging out with my family. My husband, Justin, and I have been
together for 10 years. We had our fairytale wedding 5 years ago and we have two
beautiful kids together! 
I am very excited to join The Wild Revival. As beauty contributor, I hope that you are able to get the advice, tips, and tricks you need from me to feel more confident in yourself. Don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below with questions you may have or topics you’d be interested in me talking about. I would love to hear from you! I’ll be posting every other Monday…be sure to check back for updates!

Follow me on Instagram @allison_marie_87




Fall Style Preview

We can feel fall creeping in and that makes us happy! When a collaboration with Not Too Shabby Boutique came about last week, we were thrilled to be a part of it! September is a perfect time for a new boutique AND it’s full of all of the fall looks we love. We did a photo shoot wearing items from the shop, and we went to their grand opening to take photos of them in their new location.
We were able to
get a behind-the-scenes look at Not Too Shabby Boutique’s new space. They already had such a great selection of trendy accessories and clothes, but they decided to move to new space to give their customers a larger selection to choose from! It was almost impossible to only pick a few
outfits for our shoot.
The owner, Karen, is so easy to work with– from helping you style your look to holding private shopping parties upon request.
What a fun night with girlfriends that would be!
 We love that the boutique is owned and ran by a mother and her two daughters, Jenna + Aleah. “It’s a great balance; the girls are up on the all of the trends and I have experience operating a small business,” said owner, Karen.
Fall Style
Fall Style
Fall Style
 Marrissa loved pulling looks for our shoot a few days prior to the opening. We had a hard time not taking too many! ; ) Their new selection of fall clothes have a boho flair and the pieces are so versatile! The ladies carry sizes for all body types and a variety of styles.
There is just something about dresses, chunky knit cardigans, fringe boots, and hats that women love for the fall!  Here are a few photos from our shoot we did, wearing items now available at the boutique! You have to go check them out!


Fall Style
Amanda’s look: dress: Not Too Shabby Boutique;  ankle booties: Coach
Marrissa’s look: dress: Not Too Shabby Boutique;  fringe boots: Minnetonka; hat- H&M
Fall Style
Fall Style
Fall Style
Dress + fringe vest: Not Too Shabby Boutique;  boots: Coach


Fall Style


Fall Style
Dress + Cardigan + Hat: Not Too Shabby Boutique;  boots: Minnetonka
Fall Style
Fall Style
Dress: Not Too Shabby Boutique;  ankle boots: Old Navy
Fall Style
Dress: Not Too Shabby Boutique;  boots: Minnetonka 


Fall Style


Amanda’s look: dress: Not Too Shabby Boutique;  ankle booties: Minnetonka
Marrissa’s look: dress: Not Too Shabby Boutique; ankle boots: Old Navy
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