My Funny Valentines


I was a working mom for 5 years,  traveling often left me distracted from the details of motherhood.  This is the first year I’ve had the mental clarity + time to really do something special for the holidays. Christmas is a given, I always jumped all in for that one, but the others fell by the wayside. We are coming up on Valentines Day and I felt like it was time to take full advantage of the fact that I’m home full time. “Homemade” Valentines +  decorations made me feel like I’ve hit a momentary stride in this new role.


In years past I wouldn’t decorate, do anything homemade or get ahead of the classroom Valentines Day party. True story, one year I forgot to get a Valentines Day box for my sons preschool celebration.  I did what any good mother would do, I went to Target, bought a piñata and called it a day.  It was a win in my book! It looked just as good as all the over the top homemade valentines day boxes.



When The Ever Co. announced they had customs valentines, I had to jump on it! My guy will have unique cards with witty + fun sayings and I get to feel like I did something extra special. This is the last week to order their Valentines for just $2.99! You get all 8 designs for boys and girls.


valentinesdayprintablesIt’s super simple. After making your purchase you will receive the files for download, next you just need to print on cardstock at home or at an office store! Super simple + cheap. The best part is they count as homemade!valentinesdayprintables



I sent mine to staples and picked them up an hour later. We came home and put his friend’s names on them, I felt so ahead of the game this year.



Good thing, shortly after printing them the stomach bug hit and we haven’t had time for much of anything. Can winter be over yet, gosh! Anywho, go check them out! Make sure to tag @theeverco and @thewildrevival on Instagram, sharing how you made Valentines Day extra special this year.

DIY Tassel Banner Tutorial

For the past few years, these DIY tissue paper tassle garlands have been floating around on Pinterest and I’ve been hooked on them ever since! They are so festive and easy to make. I make them for bridal + baby showers, birthday parties, and to string along my mantle for various occasions. I’ve had so many people ask me how to make them, and I thought it was about time that I showed you, so Amanda and I broke out the hot glue gun last week and got to work! Keep reading for a step-by-guide on how to make these adorable tassle banners!



*hot glue gun



*tissue paper (I usually use 3-4 colors; 1 piece of tissue paper will make 4 tassles)


DIY Banner


Now that you’ve got your supplies ready, it’s time to get this party started!

Step 1: Fold once length-wise.
DIY Banner

Step 2: Fold once width-wise.DIY Banner

DIY Banner

DIY Banner

DIY Banner

(you can fold again width-wise; I didn’t and my tassle so ends up a bit wider…either way works!)

Step 3: Start cutting 1 inch strips into the tissue paper– don’t stress about cutting them perfectly even or straight! Leave about 2 inches at the top uncut. DIY Banner

DIY Banner

Step 4: Unfold and cut in half. You will then cut each half in half again, leaving you with 4 pieces.DIY Banner

Step 5: Once you have everything unfolded, take one section at a time and twist the center, making sure the tassels don’t get twisted. Roll the entire section first before twisting it.

DIY Banner

DIY Banner

After you’ve rolled + twisted each section, put a drop or two of hot glue between the two pieces, leaving space for the twine to fit through. DIY Banner

I like to follow a pattern of colors and repeat until I get my banner the length I want it, which is usually 5-6 feet long.

DIY Banner

These colors are sooo Easter-y! After I made this one, I made another one the next day for my cousin’s bridal shower. I think they’re so fun and an expensive, DIY touch that adds a pop of color!

DIY Banner

Festive December | Preview


Festive December

Hey, tribe! The holidays are upon us and we’re feeling festive! We are so pumped for December because we have a month FULL of exciting activities, posts, contests, and a gathering lined up for YOU, our readers!

Starting on December 1st, we will be sharing our hearts as we work through Naptime Diaries’ “Make Room” Advent study. Every morning, we will be posting a recap of the daily devotional on our Instagram (@thewildrevival) We would LOVE for you to follow along + join in! You can buy your copy HERE for $22. We pre-ordered ours and it came in the mail this week and WOW!…it is so nice! Make sure to use #TWRAdvent when you share your advent study, photos + thoughts. Join us as we make room for Jesus this Christmas season.

Festive December

We will be sharing our holiday gift guide during the first week of December. We spent a morning at Target finding great gift ideas, and the best part is — they’re all under $30! 

Contests are so fun, right?!  Be sure to follow The Wild Revival’s social media pages to get in on the goodies we will be giving away in December! 

Our beauty contributor, Allison, will be sharing holiday makeup tutorials to help get you ready for holiday parties and get-togethers. We encourage you to try out her looks and make them your own using #TWRHolidayGlam. Doing that just might enter you into a contest to win some free makeup! 😉 but we can’t give away all of our secrets just yet!

The most exciting announcement of all is… The Wild Revival’s Holiday Gathering! After a month off from hosting, we’re so ready to bring you all together for a little bit of creativity + connection. We’re looking forward to gathering together with our favorite ladies in a cozy, laid-back atmosphere full of festive touches. We’ll be making DIY Christmas ornaments while
enjoying live music, complete with a hot chocolate bar + sweets. 

You can get your tickets HERE. A portion of each ticket sold will be given to our local Salvation Army Angel Tree program to help provide Christmas presents to
children in need this season. 
Once you register + pay, we’ll send you an e-mail with details and directions to our event location.

This is going to be a lot of fun! Bring yourself (and a friend!) and join us for our holiday gathering! We want to get more women involved in our gatherings. 

Backyard Bonfire | Inside Look

The week of the backyard bonfire was a roller coaster! With a 100% chance of rain for Saturday, we contemplated calling the whole thing off more than once. So we gave our guests an option: move the backyard bonfire INSIDE or reschedule for a later date this fall. They voted to have it indoors…so, we did! 
We were a little skeptical about how it was all going to play out. We’d planned for a couple of months to hold it outside. We wanted the ladies paint pumpkins at wooden picnic tables by the pond, and use hay bales to make a table for our chili bar (more on that here). Looking back on it now, it made us realize just how well things can go, even when it isn’t the original plan. We were on Media Marmalade’s blog the other day and saw this Chinese proverb and felt it was so true: 
The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to succeed.”
Despite all of the things that came up that week, we adjusted our plan, moved the gathering indoors and pressed on with our intentions to bring these ladies together for a night of creative fall fun + connection. The night went so well and the space couldn’t have looked better. It felt like we converted a barn into a movie theater. We used the same table from our flower crown gathering, running brown kraft paper down the center, and we hung these globe string lights from Target across the ceiling, which was our favorite touch. The menu for the night was a chili bar with everyone’s favorite toppings and let’s not forget the cornbread! For dessert, we had homemade pumpkin spice cupcakes. (of course we did!) 
While our girls were painting their pumpkins, we had Hocus Pocus playing in the background. It was fun to see the different personalities come out in their decorating styles, and watch the conversations go from one-on-one, to flowing all around the table. Much to our surprise, it didn’t even rain that evening… Before the night came to a close, we went outside to roast marshmallows and drink a cup of hot, spiked apple cider around the fire pit. 
Creating an environment where women can come together; offering a space where acquaintances can go from pleasantries to sincerity, is our goal. A place where they can ask the woman beside them how she is REALLY doing, and allow her to honestly share the truth, is heart of The Wild Revival. This was only our second gathering, but we see it happening already. It’s happening in a BIG way for us personally. 
We shared our dream when we kicked this off two months ago. We are so humbled by the support we are receiving from our readers, and our friends + family. Without you all, these gatherings just wouldn’t happen. We love this tribe we are building and can’t wait to see where it goes and who joins us in the future. 😉 

In life, you need people in your corner, fighting for you and cheering you on. If it weren’t for you ladies investing your time into us, even if it’s only for a few minutes to read a post or a few hours attending a gathering, we would NOT be doing what we love. From the bottom of our hearts… thank you!

Here’s an inside look into our fun night: 

Backyard Bonfire
We drank our hot apple cider out of this new line of mugs from Target!


Backyard Bonfire

S’mores + pumpkin spice cupcakes




We loved seeing everyone so hard at work on their pumpkins!



How fun was Allison’s pumpkin?! She used a sticker!
Marrissa and her cousins, Paige & Laiken!


Our group for the night, minus 1 who had to leave early!
Have we mentioned how much we love hosting gatherings? 😉





Backyard Bonfire
If you’ve been wanting to come to one of our gatherings, we encourage you to try it out.
 If you want to, bring a friend. We would love to have you!

Flower Crowns + Food | Gathering

Last summer, Amanda and I thought of an idea for a gathering we wanted to hold. We wanted to host a small group of girlfriends, make pretty flower crowns and eat + talk, just for fun… because we felt like everyone would enjoy an evening like that. We wanted it to be an intimate event where women could come together, creatively, and share life experiences with one another. But if we’re being honest– life got in the way. We got busy and it just didn’t happen.
Nearly a year went by and we decided we were going to start blogging about the things we love combined with hosting those gatherings that we had talked about so often. We wanted to bring women together, around a table, because that’s where the good stuff happens. That’s where you talk, dream, cry, EAT, laugh, and create things with your own hands. 
It’s so hard to make time for friendships, but if the past few years of our lives have taught us anything — it’s that friends are the glue that holds us together. It’s important to make time to be with the people you care about. Community is vital, and finding what you love to do is, too. The heart + soul behind The Wild Revival Gatherings is creating a space where the walls can drop and real, honest conversations can happen.
This is about connection.
On the last Saturday of August, we finally held our first gathering: Flower Crowns + Food! It was amazing to see our heart’s desire come to fruition right in front of us.  It was an ideal end of summer soiree.
There were 16 of us at the event and we each brought something different to the table. Our stories are different, as are our struggles + our joys. We created, we laughed, and we engaged in conversations we wouldn’t have had, had it not been for the gathering. There is something to be said about what God does when He brings people together in that way.
“The heart of hospitality is about creating space for someone to feel seen and heard and loved. It’s about declaring your table a safe zone, a place of warmth and nourishment.” 
― Shauna NiequistBread & Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table, with RecipesHere’s a look inside our very first gathering!

We are so thankful to all of you ladies for making our first gathering such a success! Seeing you looking so pretty in your flower crowns + engaging with one another further reinforced our calling to do this. We’re looking forward to our next one already! Keep checking back for details on our fall gathering! 

Behind the Scenes | Flower Crown Event Prep

 Our Saturday was filled with the all the things we enjoy most. We started the day off at a local antique shop
where we were on the hunt for cups + plates that would go well with our
whimsy, boho style for the upcoming |Flower Crowns + Food| gathering.  

We loved so many things at the shop, but left with nothing
that morning for this particular event. (I’m sure we’ll be back!) 
Next stop was A.C. Moore to pick up the last of the supplies for our flower crowns.  We found these great letters on sale while shopping!
So excited to dress these up… possibly using this
((tutorial)), but you will have to
stay tuned for the finished product! ; )

Can we take a second to appreciate Marrissa’s OOTD? This kimono received compliments at every stop during our outing. You can never go wrong with Forever 21!

RUGS.FOR.DAYS… What a find at Ollies!
We will be using these rugs at the gathering around our table along
with some neutrals. We had the aisle floor covered in them; it
was so hard to only pick a few! They were such a great purchase for only $8.00
and we will be using them post-event in our office space.

We stopped to grab mexican food for a quick lunch, and then got
back to work: DIYing + working on a mock table setup for the gathering.
Amanda was working on the last step of our table: applying Annie Sloan wax over the chalk paint that we used. 


Prepping for this event has been a lot of fun. We still have to purchase our blooms for the flower crowns and buy the food. Other than that, we’re ready to go! 

We can’t wait to see it all come together on Saturday. We’ve dreamed of doing this for such a long time. What we’re looking forward to the most is stepping back and watching you build relationships + enrich your life in the space we have created for youIt’s scary to put yourself out there…trust us, we know from experience. Meeting new people in a new setting or sharing a dream with a world of
strangers– it can be somewhat difficult and uncomfortable; but at the same time, it’s so life-giving when you finally do. We hope the low-key vibe we’re creating makes you feel at ease and ready to have some fun!


You were not meant to
walk this path alone and we’re really looking forward to walking alongside with you. We need people in our lives who help us come to love ourselves more. People matter. People doing life with other people matter. 

Please register today and/or message us to arrange a small, private flower crown event. How fun would that be for a bridal shower or baby shower? 

….Hey girl! Did you miss our #BTS on Instagram? Well, head over there to see some more photos from our day.

Herb Garden

So, I would love to have a garden. The really nice kind of garden! One with raised boxes and a cute wire fence that welcomes you with a white, wooden swinging gate on the front. Maybe even a few flower boxes along the top. But in reality, I can barely remember to water the four ferns hanging on our front deck. In an effort to not neglect my green thumb, I bought three terracotta pots + some herbs and got to work.

I had ambitions of DYI-ing the heck out of those cute little pots, but never got around to it. Are you noticing a theme here? How does the saying go? …”done is better than perfect”… we’ll go with that 🙂

I set my mint, cilantro and rosemary out along with some potting soil, and my little helper and I got to work.

It was an easy project once I stopped finally trying to over do it. It was nice to be outside while Evan was working in the yard and to share in this activity with Owen.

Are there things you have been dreaming about doing, but complicate it by wanting to make it big and exciting? I can tell you there are joys to be found in the simple and sweet.

Flower Crown Tutorial

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have been dreaming of making flower crowns for months now. Our Pinterest is
filled with images of these ethereal gems. In true ‘Wild Revival’ fashion: it
was time to stop talking and start doing. So we gathered our (very short list
of) supplies and went down to the lake and got busy.  We hope that this
simple tutorial will help you bring this fun DIY to life.






  • Flowers
  • Greenery
  • Kitchen Scissors
  • Floral Wire
  • Floral Tape 



We purchased our floral tape and wire from a local craft store.
Your flowers can be right out of your garden or from a local flower shop. There
is no wrong way to go with the type of flowers and greenery you choose to use
in your crown. It’s whatever you like! 


1) Wrap the floral wire around your head to
find out what size your crown should be. Keep in mind the crown will
become more snug as you add your greenery and flowers, so be sure to keep a
(little) bit of space when measuring your crown. Once you determine the most
comfortable fit, cut off the excess wire. Twist the end and tuck the wire,
covering the wire crown in floral tape. 


2)  Now you will cover your wire in
your chosen greenery. We found the thinner branches of greenery worked best,
due to them being easier to manipulate. Tape your greenery onto the wire as you
go. This part can be tedious, but so worth it when it’s all done! 


3)  Now for the fun! Once all your
greenery is secured, you can add your flowers. Make sure to leave 2-3 inch
stems when cutting your chosen blooms. You will place your flowers one at a
time, taping as you go.  Make sure you wrap the tape 3 times around your
blooms, trying your best to avoid your greenery leaves as you go. 



Fill your crowns with as many or
as little blooms as you wish.  Flower crowns always come out looking fun +
whimsical. We feel that you can never have too much whimsy in your life.  





If you used our tutorial to make
you own flower crown, let us know! #TWRhowto // @thewildrevival



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