Restful November | Digging Deeper

Restful November
Since we started our #RestfulNovember series, we’ve intentionally mentioned that “resting is part of the doing.” Today, I’ll be digging a little deeper into that and telling you why Amanda and I feel so strongly about it. We struggle with the demands of life, with ourselves and with the expectations and obligations set by others. We have all heard the expression about people being wells…. and I think we can all agree that when our well is dry, our soul aches for more and our life suffers because of it. There are lots of ways to empty a well, and there are also lots of ways to fill it.  
It’s so
easy to get hooked on the traditional definitions of “rest” — a nap, a spa day, or propping our feet up and binge-watching our favorite show. While those are great forms of rest, we tend to forget that doing
the things that bring us joy are restful, too!
 Let me share a couple examples…  
One Sunday afternoon in October, I was just so ready to crash on the couch, because weekends don’t feel much like
weekends after crossing off all the to-do’s (can I get an Amen?!) Anyway, just as
I plopped onto the couch, Matt came up from the basement and stuck his head in and asked me to go for a
drive. West Virginia is beautiful in the fall, and long drives with no true direction is something we used to do a lot in our dating years. I mean, I did wanna see the changing leaves, but UGH! I was tired and just wanted to be lazy and lay around in my sweats… I had that internal conversation with myself that probably went on for far too long. Even with
all that, I still just wanted to sit and watch Netflix. But after some persuasion from him, I got up, got dressed and we went.
  After a few
hours of driving, scenic views, + some great conversation, I realized saying yes to my husband’s offer was a far
better form of rest than what I would have chosen. (sometimes I hate admitting he was right 🙂 ) 
The few hours we spent driving around in silence, listening to music, laughing and talking… it’s moments like that, that allow me to get through the hard times in my life. Essentially, we were doing nothing in the best possible way. But the difference was there was no mental clutter, no Pinterest, Facebook, no e-mailing or laundry… and it was all still there when I got back. That’s what I want more of in my life… a rested spirit that allows me to be non-fragmented and totally in it, regardless of what I’m doing. 
The week we spend at The Outerbanks in the summer is a social-media-free one for those very reasons I just mentioned. There’s no posting the play-by-play of our trip, and limited phone calls and texts to our friends and family back home. It’s a vacation. And to me, they’re made for fun and rest, respectively. It’s easier for me to allow myself to be completely present when I’m surrounded by gorgeous pink sunsets and the sound of waves crashing along the shore. It’s intentional for me: I set boundaries within myself so that I can get what I know in my heart I need out of something. 
We have many wells within our hearts, and
when we feel depleted, we can’t just limit ourselves to one way of filling back
 Stop and ask yourself what part is
feeling depleted.
 Asking ourselves to
define how we are feeling can offer insight to what we need most. Lonely? Staying
in bed is not the answer; call a friend for coffee, ask your partner to go have a night date. 
Restless? Go
for a walk or run, just get out and move your body… Think
 outside the box. Ask yourself what part of
you needs the rest?
My creative side, my spiritual side, and the side of me that craves connection + unity… those are big ones for me that constantly need refilled. There are so many different ways to feel a little more put-together, a little more “me” and I am learning about what works and what doesn’t. When was the last time you evaluated how your heart was doing? It’s something I’ve started doing more and more of and it’s been a game-changer.  
A few things Amanda and I do together (and also with our groups of girlfriends) is get together and paint, or invite some of our friends over to make + decorate cupcakes or maybe just sit around, eat pizza + chips and salsa and catch up. Those things are restful, too. They just fulfill different parts of us. Amanda told me that spending quiet time doing a devotional early in the morning before her husband and son wake up is how she gets time in for herself and encouragement for her busy day. I love the concept of taking a few minutes to refill yourself before your life starts for the day.
Realistically though, sometimes you just really really need to shut off the world and take a nap. And that’s okay. 

We hope you’re joining us for #RestfulNovember as we prepare our minds and bodies for the busy Christmas season. Let us know what you’re doing to “rest” in the comments below or give us a shout out on social media. We LOVE to hear from our readers!

Autumn Evening | Fall Dinner Party

When we started The Wild Revival, we had this vision of holding gatherings. Hosting an Autumn Evening has been on our heart for awhile. Our purpose behind it all is to bring together a community of women who can honestly share in life experiences with one another, have a little fun, and forget about the stresses of life for a while. We said we wanted to create a space for women to feel comfortable, accepted, and worthy of good things. We knew we wanted the table to be the focal point of these gatherings. And now, after hosting 3 of them in 8 weeks, we can truly say that magic is happening, and it’s happening around the table.


Our love and passion for life around the table didn’t start with The Wild Revival; it started with our families and the many traditions we had growing up. Sunday dinners, birthday parties, impromptu get-togethers…they all took place around someone’s table. Tables that likely had scratches, dents, imperfections, mismatched chairs and dishes, and were always overflowing with amazing recipes passed down from older generations. What we remember most when we recall our upbringings though, isn’t necessarily the food. It was the people, the conversations, the hugs, the peptalks, and the roaring sounds of laughter. No matter what was going on in our lives or in our families’ lives, we all put EVERYTHING on pause to be together. That sense of unity we felt when gathered around a table was our safe zone. And we are striving to recreate it in our adult lives… and we want you to be a part of it.


Something happens when you invite someone into a space where all they have to do is be present. A place they can just show up to and sit down; where they can stop running around like crazy, bouncing from thing to thing, and just be. We live in a society that glorifies busy, better, faster. But sitting at that table, eating and taking in the simplicity of life in that very moment is both nourishment for the body + the soul, and it revives something in us that feels lost at times. The table, we feel, is when walls tend to come down, the masks come off, and the conversations start to flow. And when the people at the table don’t all necessarily know each other, we’re dedicated to finding that common ground among a group women. 


Earlier this month, we held a private dinner party for a small group of our girlfriends. This night is one that we would like to relive over and over. It was a great evening filled with women we love. This night made us think about the stories we are all writing and telling with our lives. We are women who are chasing + building dreams, women who are busy, struggling, and loving on others through it all. Seeing it all come together was kinda magical. But was it the food that made it magical? The outfits we had on? The table setting? Yes and no to all of those things on some level. But what really made it so special was the people we had there, laughing, and telling stories as the sun went down and the cool fall breeze crept in. Those things make moments like this so much more magical than all of the perfectly planned out details ever could. 


*** And now for our big news! . . .

In November, we will be releasing our very FIRST eBook, entitled “Hosting with Heart.”  It will be a curated guide to life around the table, and will include recipes, tips + stories of how we intentionally host our guests with a lot of heart + soul. We hope you will download it, print it out, and use it during the holiday season to create an atmosphere of connection around your tables. We can’t wait for you to see it! 

Here’s a peek into our ‘Autumn Evening’ gathering:


Autumn Evening  
Autumn Evening

Autumn Evening


Autumn Evening










Backyard Bonfire | Inside Look

The week of the backyard bonfire was a roller coaster! With a 100% chance of rain for Saturday, we contemplated calling the whole thing off more than once. So we gave our guests an option: move the backyard bonfire INSIDE or reschedule for a later date this fall. They voted to have it indoors…so, we did! 
We were a little skeptical about how it was all going to play out. We’d planned for a couple of months to hold it outside. We wanted the ladies paint pumpkins at wooden picnic tables by the pond, and use hay bales to make a table for our chili bar (more on that here). Looking back on it now, it made us realize just how well things can go, even when it isn’t the original plan. We were on Media Marmalade’s blog the other day and saw this Chinese proverb and felt it was so true: 
The temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to succeed.”
Despite all of the things that came up that week, we adjusted our plan, moved the gathering indoors and pressed on with our intentions to bring these ladies together for a night of creative fall fun + connection. The night went so well and the space couldn’t have looked better. It felt like we converted a barn into a movie theater. We used the same table from our flower crown gathering, running brown kraft paper down the center, and we hung these globe string lights from Target across the ceiling, which was our favorite touch. The menu for the night was a chili bar with everyone’s favorite toppings and let’s not forget the cornbread! For dessert, we had homemade pumpkin spice cupcakes. (of course we did!) 
While our girls were painting their pumpkins, we had Hocus Pocus playing in the background. It was fun to see the different personalities come out in their decorating styles, and watch the conversations go from one-on-one, to flowing all around the table. Much to our surprise, it didn’t even rain that evening… Before the night came to a close, we went outside to roast marshmallows and drink a cup of hot, spiked apple cider around the fire pit. 
Creating an environment where women can come together; offering a space where acquaintances can go from pleasantries to sincerity, is our goal. A place where they can ask the woman beside them how she is REALLY doing, and allow her to honestly share the truth, is heart of The Wild Revival. This was only our second gathering, but we see it happening already. It’s happening in a BIG way for us personally. 
We shared our dream when we kicked this off two months ago. We are so humbled by the support we are receiving from our readers, and our friends + family. Without you all, these gatherings just wouldn’t happen. We love this tribe we are building and can’t wait to see where it goes and who joins us in the future. 😉 

In life, you need people in your corner, fighting for you and cheering you on. If it weren’t for you ladies investing your time into us, even if it’s only for a few minutes to read a post or a few hours attending a gathering, we would NOT be doing what we love. From the bottom of our hearts… thank you!

Here’s an inside look into our fun night: 

Backyard Bonfire
We drank our hot apple cider out of this new line of mugs from Target!


Backyard Bonfire

S’mores + pumpkin spice cupcakes




We loved seeing everyone so hard at work on their pumpkins!



How fun was Allison’s pumpkin?! She used a sticker!
Marrissa and her cousins, Paige & Laiken!


Our group for the night, minus 1 who had to leave early!
Have we mentioned how much we love hosting gatherings? 😉





Backyard Bonfire
If you’ve been wanting to come to one of our gatherings, we encourage you to try it out.
 If you want to, bring a friend. We would love to have you!

Road Trippin’ | Deep Creek

Summer is over; the vacation memories are fading away and chilly weather is officially in full force here in the mountain state.
A few weeks ago, we decided to make a bucket list to hold ourselves accountable for accomplishing all the things we said we’d really like to do this fall. We’re doing well with crossing things off our list and we hope you are, too!
Being that there is a limited amount of time to check out the changing leaves, we decided to go for it two weekends ago! We were itching to get outside and take in some fall foliage. We knew we wanted to head north to Deep Creek Lake, Maryland. We checked the forecast (a LOT) all week and were bummed when it was looking like rain. But we decided to go anyway and just make the best of it. We got there in under two hours and were greeted with sunshine + blue skies!
On our way into town, we stopped at a really neat shop called Schoolhouse Earth that sells home decor items, jewelry, candles, furniture, and specialty food items, just to name a few. (We could have stayed in that store for hours, and had it not been for our husbands, we probably would have!)
After that, we stopped at a roadside market that sold pumpkins, mums, and fresh fruits + veggies. The pumpkin patch was behind the market, and had it not been so rainy during the week, we would’ve been able to pick our own. Maybe next time! Before we left though, we made sure to grab some small-ish pumpkins to paint at our fall gathering, as well as a few pumpkins to decorate our homes with.
How neat are these heirloom pumpkins?
 Next up on our list was exploring Swallow Falls! We walked through the woods on a dirt path, sunlight peeking through the trees, and the sound of rushing water as we got closer to the falls.


And then came the steps down into the falls. . .
We made it to the falls! What a pretty view to look down and see!



After we finished up at Swallow Falls, we were starving! It just so happened that there was a football game on (let’s go Mountaineers!!) We went to Mountain State Brewing Co. and settled on a couple different pizzas to try, along with some warm, gooey spinach dip + roasted red pepper hummus with flatbread dough pita chips.
There is nothing better than a Margherita pizza, when it’s good 😉
We left the guys at the restaurant in front of the big screens watching football (because where else would they rather be when their team is on?) and we headed out to visit a few more local shops. Deep Creek reminds us of a quaint little town you’d see at the beach, only it’s situated in the mountains. And instead of the ocean, it’s surrounded by a beautiful lake and features so many fun things to do year-round. It’s home to the well-known ski resort called Wisp.

What a view! We loved that the trees were just beginning to change!

Road Trippin'

After we finished shopping, we went back to Mountain State Brewing Co. to pick up our husbands and then we headed home. It was a great day trip for us to see some sights we hadn’t seen before! We would definitely recommend it!

Here are a few of our tips for exploring Deep Creek:

  1. Dress in layers! It can get chilly as the afternoon progresses into evening.
  2. Wear comfortable shoes; the hiking is easy but very rocky at times.
  3. Make sure to visit all the local shops– there are some great finds.
  4. Take time to stop and enjoy the view of the lake!
Go have an adventure! Let us know what you’re favorite road trip spot is?!

Fall Bucket List

Happy first official day of Fall! Today marks the beginning of a festive + cozy couple of months. I don’t think we’re alone in saying that we love fall. The changing of leaves, the smells, and let’s not forget…the comfort food! In true “Wild Revival” fashion, we stopped talking about doing things and started doing them! It feels so good to cross things off of our list!
We’re looking forward to finding out what’s on your bucket list?! Start with our fall gathering: Backyard Bonfire on 10/3! It’s going to be a lot of fun and will be filled with things we ALL love about fall! Hope to see you there!
1. Go on a fall road trip | 2. Try a few recipes from Southern Living’s fall magazine | 3. Attend a Halloween party | 4. Host a gathering | 5. Get cozy with a good book | 6. Donate clothes + food to local shelter | 7. Watch Hocus Pocus | 8. Drink pumpkin spice coffee | 9. Go to a college football game | 10. Decorate our home for fall  

Backyard Bonfire | Fall Gathering

Backyard Bonfire
Hey, tribe! Sweater weather is upon us and that means it’s time for The Wild Revival’s fall gathering! 
We want to bring you all together for a little bit of creativity + connection. 
Pumpkin carving is fun but… anytime you get a bunch of girlfriends together with paint, tons of glitter, pumpkins, and yummy food– it’s a party! We’ll be painting pumpkins, having a chili bar, and roasting s’mores over a bonfire! 
Cost for the event will be $20. We have 25 spots and we’ll be filling them on a first-come, first-serve basis! 
Once you register + pay, we’ll send you an e-mail with directions to our event location.
This is going to be a lot of fun! We hope you’ll join us at our Backyard Bonfire! 
**Don’t forget to bring your pumpkin! You’re welcome to bring your own paints/supplies. We will have limited supplies available!**
Click the link below to register for Backyard Bonfire!

Fall Style Preview

We can feel fall creeping in and that makes us happy! When a collaboration with Not Too Shabby Boutique came about last week, we were thrilled to be a part of it! September is a perfect time for a new boutique AND it’s full of all of the fall looks we love. We did a photo shoot wearing items from the shop, and we went to their grand opening to take photos of them in their new location.
We were able to
get a behind-the-scenes look at Not Too Shabby Boutique’s new space. They already had such a great selection of trendy accessories and clothes, but they decided to move to new space to give their customers a larger selection to choose from! It was almost impossible to only pick a few
outfits for our shoot.
The owner, Karen, is so easy to work with– from helping you style your look to holding private shopping parties upon request.
What a fun night with girlfriends that would be!
 We love that the boutique is owned and ran by a mother and her two daughters, Jenna + Aleah. “It’s a great balance; the girls are up on the all of the trends and I have experience operating a small business,” said owner, Karen.
Fall Style
Fall Style
Fall Style
 Marrissa loved pulling looks for our shoot a few days prior to the opening. We had a hard time not taking too many! ; ) Their new selection of fall clothes have a boho flair and the pieces are so versatile! The ladies carry sizes for all body types and a variety of styles.
There is just something about dresses, chunky knit cardigans, fringe boots, and hats that women love for the fall!  Here are a few photos from our shoot we did, wearing items now available at the boutique! You have to go check them out!


Fall Style
Amanda’s look: dress: Not Too Shabby Boutique;  ankle booties: Coach
Marrissa’s look: dress: Not Too Shabby Boutique;  fringe boots: Minnetonka; hat- H&M
Fall Style
Fall Style
Fall Style
Dress + fringe vest: Not Too Shabby Boutique;  boots: Coach


Fall Style


Fall Style
Dress + Cardigan + Hat: Not Too Shabby Boutique;  boots: Minnetonka
Fall Style
Fall Style
Dress: Not Too Shabby Boutique;  ankle boots: Old Navy
Fall Style
Dress: Not Too Shabby Boutique;  boots: Minnetonka 


Fall Style


Amanda’s look: dress: Not Too Shabby Boutique;  ankle booties: Minnetonka
Marrissa’s look: dress: Not Too Shabby Boutique; ankle boots: Old Navy
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