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We’ve got some big plans! Stick with us till the end of the post to find out what they are. We shared last week that we were two of the lucky ladies picked to be on the Wild and Free Book launch team. We are over the moon to have the opportunity to support + work with the lovely ladies, Jess Connolly & Hayley Morgan. They do so much to share The Word with women all over the world, encouraging and equipping them to have influence right where they are. To say we look up to these ladies would be an understatement.

The Wild Revival Instagram

Wild and Free is more than a book, it’s an anthem for our generation. This book was written for  women who feel like too much, and not enough. Women who are holding back, who have forgotten they were born Wild and Free in Christ. You can check out the book trailer here!

Wild and Free Book
We are only a few chapters in, but wanted to share a few of the words that are leaving us saying YES!

“You love and accept Christ, but you aren’t sure exactly  who you’re supposed to be as a daughter of God and what your part is in the Kingdom.”

“Our eyes dart from habitat to habitat, wondering what is wrong with us and looking for ways we can become more like the perfect woman, whoever she is.”

“He is the one who calls us to be wild- walking in who God created us to be. And he is the one who calls us to be free- resting in what Jesus has done for us.”

“His authoritative mission in our lives has never been to break our spirits; it’s geared to set them free to give Him as much glory as possible.”

“I see women waiting on others to intercede and teach them the Word rather than seeking first the kingdom themselves.”

“We’ve misplaced the truth that He loves us more than the lilies, which He clothes in splendor. His love and presence is no longer what spices our life and makes our world sweet. So we gather, we buy, we collect, we curate, we wish-list and we make Pinterest boards.”

So much truth in these first few pages. More to come as we dive in over the coming days and weeks! Make sure to follow our Instagram leading up to the May 3rd book release for more of our favorite quotes from Wild and Free.

Wild and Free Book

So, for our BIG plans! The coolest part about being on the Wild and Free launch team is that we get to bring some really great opportunities to you ladies! We have a few questions below to gauge interest and would love to hear your feedback.

First, the BIG question! If Jess Connolly & Hayley Morgan would bring the Wild and Free book tour to North Central, WV would you attend the event? Campfire Commission Style ————> encouragement, praise + worship and fellowship led by these ladies. We must have 100 commitments + a venue to make this to happen.

What an amazing way to kick off our summer gatherings! We would love to bring something like this to our state, please participate in this survey. Make sure you share with friends, churches, small groups and anyone you feel would want to come! They don’t need to live in WV to attend. We will do our best to keep the cost to a minimum.  Let’s put WV on the list ladies!


Book Tour_ Wild and Free


Second- if we would hold a book club, sharing a few FREE copies of Wild and Free, would you join in on the fun? We can host the book club via periscope, locally in person or both! Either way we would give out a few free books to the first ladies to register.


Pre-order gifts


If you are interested in participating in the pre-launch, Jess + Haley have put together some really wonderful launch deals. Check them out here and let us know if you pre-order a copy in the comments below!

We are really excited and hope you join us on this Wild and Free ride! Don’t forget to take our Wild and Free survey. 

Handling Change with Grace | Dana Matonak


Handling change:  we all must do it; I used to hate it. I had a way and a plan and for the most part I preferred when things went the way I anticipated.  Anytime my life plan got derailed, I had it out with God, the people around me, and myself.  “Why would God let this happen? Why are the people I love not seeing this the way I am?  Dana, why are you being so ridiculous? ”

Over the years I have had to face change in multiple areas of my life.  Some were big changes and some were small and my reaction to those changes was all over the place.  Emotions ran high and I was always leaping to the worst case scenario.  I’ve come to realize that the root of all of that emotion and negativity was fear. In the book Girl Meets Change by Kristen Strong she says, “change is not something to be feared but something to be received as a blessing from God who works through it, not in spite of it.”  Wow! I could read that one line over and over. Only with the help of Christ and my loving, patient husband, did I figure out how to take fear out the equation and replace it with a little something called grace.  That grace led me to realize how important the following 3 concepts are:


God is on the throne.  During times of change and uncertainty, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, resistant, and isolated.  In times like these, I would normally try to control everything I can to keep some normalcy in my life. Have you done this? I often forgot that God is still in control and knows the ultimate outcome.  I spent my time worrying, calculating, and reworking the “plans.” Despite all you feel you need to do, set that aside and immerse yourself in God’s word.  Read your Bible, post Bible verses everywhere you look journal your prayers and cry out to God.  Talk to Him.  Grow your relationship with Him.  Thank Him.  List everything you have to be thankful for, all that He has provided, and all the He promises.

Community is everything.  Don’t take your stress out on the people you love and don’t isolate yourself from them.  When your flesh takes over during times of change, it can be our instinct to run from the people that we need the most.  Your tribe, your people, you need them.  Dive into those relationships, dig deep, love hard.  In Girl Meets Change, Kristen also says, “Quite often, my ability to accept and thrive through change is directly proportional to the state of my near and dear friendships.”  I agree with this wholeheartedly.

Embrace the change. Whatever it may be. Resistance will be your biggest enemy. This is the area where I need grace the most.  It’s so easy to get a bad attitude when dealing with change because it’s difficult and messy and it turns your world upside-down. Thankfully, every day is a chance to start over.  In the trenches of change, the joy might not always come naturally, but if you seek it out, you will find it! Whether its your home, a friend, the sunshine, or a trip to Target– find something that brings you joy! Give yourself grace as you learn.


Everything is constantly changing. It’s so easy to let my fear of change decide my actions. I feel that God gives us opportunities to learn from the big, scary, life-altering changes He often throws our way. When I get on the other side of that big change, I see why it happened and what God was trying to show me through it all. I can’t ask for much more than that.

Are there areas in your life where you could use a little more grace and a little less change. Girl, I get it! Amanda and Marrissa get it, too. I’m so glad to have been able to share a bit of my heart with you this month. Head over to my blog if you wanna read on…

With Love,

A New Perspective | Intentional Goal Setting

 This is my favorite week of the year, the in-between time. I don’t place any huge expectation for the week and the house feels fresh after pulling down all the decorations. There just seems to be a feeling of “space.”  This feeling of space leads to hope, I get really excited thinking about all the possibility to come in the new year.  The newness of the seasons to come, leave me feeling full of new perspective. 
I must admit though, I put a lot of pressure on myself to make the coming year full of big accomplishments. I have been doing this for years: writing out goals, making vision boards and filling my calendar with check-in dates for my desired accomplishments. These are all wonderful things and have most definitely been good for creating forward momentum in my life. BUT… this past year, more than ever, I have learned the way we have always done things is not the best fit for the current season of life we are in. 2014-2015 was full of wonderful experiences, but it was also full of heart-crushing let downs and half-hearted living. Let downs and unexpected outcomes are inevitable, and bouncing back is a huge part of living a successful life.  
After reading “Rising Strong,” I’ve realized its okay to live in the let down for awhile, letting myself learn from it. In the past, I would jump to the next, not really learning from my experience…more like bulldozing into the next thing & ignoring that I needed to take a beat.  
 This year I was forced to be vulnerable and hopeful that others would honor my vulnerability. As we all know, this doesn’t always work out. That leads me to the next lesson learned: I don’t need others to validate my successes or failures for them to be real. This was HUGE and a lesson I will be working on for many years to come. 
I have always felt the need to explain myself. Why I am not where I “should be” or how I worked really hard to get to where I am. This is a horrible way to live and leaves you feeling empty when you don’t feel understood. 

A paragraph in the Naptime Diaries ABIDE devotional captures my hope and human heart for 2016 so clearly. “Over the past few years I’ve let Him chisel down the hard parts of my works-loving, producing heart. Slowly He’s helped me to strip off my worldview that sees what I can do as most important so I can dive into the ocean of His refreshment. Yet so many days I still find myself trying to earn my place in the Kingdom.”

It would not be an honest statement to say I have let Him do this. I have been kicking and screaming the whole way. 

In light of the lessons learned, 2016 is not going to be about reaching for some big goal. No ladder climbing, business-proposing or huge, life-changing endeavors will be making the list this year. I’m accepting the truth I’ve made it. No matter the accomplishment or lack of accomplishment, I’m contributing what the Lord has created me to contribute.  


This will be my third year using Lara Casey’s PowerSheets. They have gotten better every year and I’m looking forward to writing my goals with new perspective in her most recent version.  All of my goals will be focused on the things I currently have going on in my life. I won’t be focused on doing them better or making them bigger. I will be living with a mindset of keeping it simple and being grateful for this season.

I will also be using the Abide Devotional by Naptime Diaries throughout the year. I will dig in to what abiding means and allowing the fruits of the spirit – love, joy, patience… to come forth, not from my circumstances but from Him. 
I hope you enjoy the possibility found in the New Year. 

Give yourself grace, remember life is not a check list. Its messy, uncertain and full of glory. I would love to hear what your hopes for 2016 are! Share your goals and the tools you’re using to set yourself up for the new year in the comments below!  

Check back next week for a peak into what Marrissa and I will be up to in the new year! 
Happy New Year, tribe! We are so thankful for your support and look forward to seeing you right here in 2016!
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