Market Day


Here at The Wild Revival, we are always looking for opportunities
to share easy community-building activities with you. Our local farmer’s market offers
such a fun energy. All the people bustling about, live music, vendors sharing their goodies + the wonderful, fresh food.  It’s a
great way to spend a late Sunday morning with friends, just wandering around the market, grabbing a quick brunch while supporting local businesses. The best part is…  all you have to do is show up!
We met and went directly to grab some food. So many options
made it hard to choose, but I landed on Hash Browns & New Grounds. This
trendy food truck is owned by local entrepreneur, Cody Thrasher. He creates quick meals with
a creative flavor and artistic delivery. The chicken tacos and hash were great
and filled with unexpected flavors like mango and maple.  Marrissa stuck with her usual omelet, filled with lots of fresh veggies and made-to-order by the Bridgeport Conference Center. 


After we finished eating, we checked out the various local vendors who were set up. Marrissa’s husband, Matt got some building tips from a local woodworker. He’s a handy man so of course, he gravitated towards the do-it-yourself’ers at the market.Going out and meeting with friends fuels our soul for the week. Getting out there and
engaging with others in activities we enjoy makes us feel like we had a rich
weekend, making Monday a little easier to face. 

What are some of your go-to
places or events in the summer months? We’d love to hear how spend your weekends. 


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