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Inspiration board summer gathering

Marrissa and I like to give our readers an idea of what to expect when they attend a Wild Revival Gathering. Hosting is fun, but can be a real downer if no one comes out for your event. Sharing our inspiration board with our potential guest helps build up excitement,  lets them know what to expect out of the evening and helps us prepare. It’s time well spent!

Our first gathering of the summer will be a simple evening of succulent planting with lemonade + cupcakes. We will gather around picnic tables by the lake, paint plant pots and fill them with our succulents. We will provide the potting soil, paints, brushes, snacks + drinks for the evening. We ask that guests bring their own succulents (you can buy them at Lowe’s or Home Depot)) along with small terracotta pots of your choice. This gathering is a way for us to get back around the table with you and we’re looking forward to it! If you would like to attend, please register here!

Inspiration board


Our inspiration for the night was boho summer. The evening is going full of boho touches, with bright colors and simple decor. Nothing over the top! We aim to keep the nights decor achievable, the goal is to provide the ladies who attend inspiration to hold their own gatherings. Marrissa and I both have busy lives with little time or money to invest in decor for every style gathering we host. We have a few staple pieces you will see us use at each gathering.

Gathering your friends and join us for a fun evening on May 21st! Follow this link to register. 

To see more of our gatherings and style visit our Pinterest Board.

Design On A Budget | Home Tour by Ashley Friend

Hello! I’m Ashley Friend! I was SO excited and humbled when the lovely ladies of The Wild Revival asked me if I would write a guest post about design on a budget, along with a tour of my home! Buying a fixer upper has come with its fair share of difficulties, but I love being able to watch something that has been neglected for so long shine with new life!

I am going share 5 tips on how to design on a budget that have really helped me!

Home Tour Home Tour


Home Tour

#1: think creatively with what you have

It is amazing how much a coat of paint or a new location can give new life to an old piece. So just try it. if you are not happy with something try moving it to a different location. Turn it around, flip it upside down, just experiment! You may be surprise with that you discover!


Home Tour

#2: Thrift Thrift Thrift

Yard sales and thrift stores, even trading with friends have become my favorite ways to find new items. Have a list of what you’re looking for so you don’t just impulse buy, and realize that it may not be there that time but items are continually moving in and out of thrift stores so just keep checking in! Helpful hint: Mondays mornings/afternoons are usually a great time to thrift!

Home Tour

Home Tour

#3: Think BIG

 It is so easy to get distracted by all the tiny shiny items that glisten and glow in the isles of Target or Hobby lobby. But remember to think big with your purchases. Meaning, buy items that will make a statement, rather than just take up space. Wait and save up for more expensive items instead of buying that $5 knick knack that is “calling to you”

reading nook


Reading nook

#4: Find it a new home

Something that really helps with living and designing on a budget is selling items on places like Craigslist, local yard sales, even Facebook has yard sale sites where you can sell your items! So dig those items out of your “storage” closet and find them a new home! There is no better feeling then when someone take items out of your house that were just taking up space, and hands you cash!

little girls room



#5: Don’t compare

It is SO easy to get wrapped up in comparison especially the world of Social media. Things may not come together right away. And your Kitchen may still have painted laminate counters, with ugly yellow spots (me! haha) but remember what matters most in life. Try to create a safe, peaceful place for you and your family, whatever that may look like!

kids room


Rustic dresser

I hope you enjoyed this tour! Most of the furniture in my home is thrifted, from yard sales, or Ikea! Hobby Lobby, Target Clearance, and Michaels Craft Store are some of my favorite places to find great decor!

guest room
Guest room

Fixer upper Kitchen



If you’d like to see more details on our home projects and about our life, you can follow me on Instagram at alifewithfriends. Or check out my photography website… I hope to see you there! 🙂

Fall Style Preview

We can feel fall creeping in and that makes us happy! When a collaboration with Not Too Shabby Boutique came about last week, we were thrilled to be a part of it! September is a perfect time for a new boutique AND it’s full of all of the fall looks we love. We did a photo shoot wearing items from the shop, and we went to their grand opening to take photos of them in their new location.
We were able to
get a behind-the-scenes look at Not Too Shabby Boutique’s new space. They already had such a great selection of trendy accessories and clothes, but they decided to move to new space to give their customers a larger selection to choose from! It was almost impossible to only pick a few
outfits for our shoot.
The owner, Karen, is so easy to work with– from helping you style your look to holding private shopping parties upon request.
What a fun night with girlfriends that would be!
 We love that the boutique is owned and ran by a mother and her two daughters, Jenna + Aleah. “It’s a great balance; the girls are up on the all of the trends and I have experience operating a small business,” said owner, Karen.
Fall Style
Fall Style
Fall Style
 Marrissa loved pulling looks for our shoot a few days prior to the opening. We had a hard time not taking too many! ; ) Their new selection of fall clothes have a boho flair and the pieces are so versatile! The ladies carry sizes for all body types and a variety of styles.
There is just something about dresses, chunky knit cardigans, fringe boots, and hats that women love for the fall!  Here are a few photos from our shoot we did, wearing items now available at the boutique! You have to go check them out!


Fall Style
Amanda’s look: dress: Not Too Shabby Boutique;  ankle booties: Coach
Marrissa’s look: dress: Not Too Shabby Boutique;  fringe boots: Minnetonka; hat- H&M
Fall Style
Fall Style
Fall Style
Dress + fringe vest: Not Too Shabby Boutique;  boots: Coach


Fall Style


Fall Style
Dress + Cardigan + Hat: Not Too Shabby Boutique;  boots: Minnetonka
Fall Style
Fall Style
Dress: Not Too Shabby Boutique;  ankle boots: Old Navy
Fall Style
Dress: Not Too Shabby Boutique;  boots: Minnetonka 


Fall Style


Amanda’s look: dress: Not Too Shabby Boutique;  ankle booties: Minnetonka
Marrissa’s look: dress: Not Too Shabby Boutique; ankle boots: Old Navy
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