Gender Reveal Party Inspiration

I cannot believe that I am almost halfway through my pregnancy! It is absolutely flying by…and soon it will be time for our mid-pregnancy ultrasound and that means finding out if this little babe is a boy or girl?! My husband and I both think we’re having a boy, but we will be THRILLED and PUMPED with either! It took us 3 years and many, many fertility treatments to conceive, so we don’t have a preference on the sex at all! I always said I would do a gender reveal, and while it is turning into a production (like all parties inevitably do), I couldn’t be more excited to celebrate this new life with our loved ones. Matt and I are going to find out at our ultrasound appointment in a couple weeks, and then have it be a huge surprise for the friends and family who attend the big reveal a few days later. I honestly can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction! But right now, I’m just hoping I don’t spill the beans beforehand! 😉

I’ve been scouring Pinterest for ideas for our gender reveal party and let me tell ya… there are some super CUTE and fun ideas! I’m pretty decisive by nature, so choosing a theme that felt like “us” wasn’t too hard. I can’t help but be inspired by all this DIY décor and festive food! Planning parties is my jam and I can’t wait for all the fun that’s to come!

There are such adorable themes out there like: “Touchdowns or Tutus” … “Guns or Glitter” … “Bow or Beau” and so many cool ways to actually announce it — like cutting a cake, or letting balloons out of a big box.


I love their reactions! So sweet! It amazes me that whatever gender this baby is, will greatly alter how our lives will play out. I will either be a boy mom or a girl mom. I can’t wait to see who was made for us to love.


Great, now I want this cake… Thanks a lot, Style Me Pretty! I love a good ombre cake. They look too pretty to even eat, but I can assure you, this would be gone in seconds…

And while I think these ideas are so fun, I wanted to do a theme that I have not yet seen done for a gender reveal. I’m sure someone somewhere has maybe done it, but it’s new to us and because of that, I’m going to keep you waiting a couple weeks to see what I came up with. I can tell you that it won’t be your traditional gender reveal party and it *might* make you wanna dance!

How did you reveal your pregnancy to your friends & fam? Did you go Pinterest-crazy like me when it came to planning out the details? I would love to hear all about it in the comments below!


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